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Yok & Sheryo

Yok & Sheryo: "Island of Yeahnahnesia: Vol 1"

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This hardbound book exhibits characteristics akin to a scientific journal while concurrently serving as an explorer's compendium. Its primary objective is to unravel the enigmatic folklore and mysterious ways associated with an archipelagic landmass "Yeahnahnesia". The island that has become geographically estranged from contemporary understanding.

If you've been to the exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and would love to know more about the island, then you should definitely read this book to find out.

Included in this book are photos from the show at AGWA featuring the "Temple of Frivolous Wishes", the history of the island, how it was found, timelines, calendar systems, maps, flora and fauna, mythology, secret waves and culture of Yeahnahnesia. 17cm x 24.5cm, 120 pages

Edition of 800 / 9.6.5 x 6.69 / 120 Pages  / $36