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Louis Masai

Louis Masai - "Turtle Love Affair" Print

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Artist: Louis Masai
Title: "Turtle Love Affair"
Medium: archival pigment print with HPM variants
Markings: signed and numbered
Edition: Turtle 80 / Coral 23 / Butterfly Fish 23 / Clown Fish 13
Dimensions: 26" x 26"

A Statement From the Artist: 
My work continuously explores how i can share awareness for biodiversity loss and the fragility of our blue planet. This new release “turtle love affair” with Harman projects, captures the sea turtle. Every print is hand embellished with water splats, making each print slightly different. The release is then supported by three detailed embellishments, the “coral love affair”, the “butterfly fish love affair”, and the “clown fish love affair”. The later is raising funds for the “Barbados sea turtle project” I believe that through art we can raise awareness and funds for a species, making conservation an everyday habit. Thanks for your support. ONE LOVE .